Apasphere has many years of experience in designing and implementing distributed applications, and the middleware platforms upon which they are built.

Web services

With the advent of web services technologies, many organisations are facing the challenges of distributed computing for the first time. Often, developers greatly underestimate the difficulty involved in such designs. That's where Apasphere can help, by applying the knowledge and patterns we have built up over the years to solve your application design problems in the most efficient, scalable and robust way possible.


Apasphere develops and maintains omniORB, a widely used open source CORBA implementation. Our intimate knowledge of the insides of a robust, high-performance CORBA ORB gives us a significant advantage when it comes to designing and implementing applications that use CORBA as their middleware platform.

If your organisation already uses omniORB, or any other CORBA implementation, and you have a particular problem to solve, we are well placed to help you with it, either with an application-level solution, or with custom modifications to omniORB. Similarly, if you require a feature from the CORBA standard that is not yet available in omniORB, we can implement it for you.

CORBA ORB migration

We can also help you migrate existing applications from one CORBA implementation to another, particularly from expensive commercial ORBs to omniORB. Migrating your applications can greatly reduce the costs of running your business, since there are no licensing fees for omniORB, and commercial support is significantly cheaper. omniORB has many technical advantages over other ORBs too, so your migrated applications are likely to be more robust, higher performance, and more standards-compliant.


Python is an open source, high-level, object oriented programming language. Its syntax and standard libraries provide a very natural fit for many of the problems encountered in building large-scale distributed applications, regardless of the underlying middleware. Apasphere uses Python where appropriate to achieve successful results far more rapidly than is possible using more conventional languages like C++ and Java.

More information

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